pressurized cable

2017-07-17 14:15:38

The pressurized cable is the most demanding cable (PlenumCable) in the UL fire protection standard. The safety standard is UL910. The experiment stipulates that several samples should be laid on the horizontal air duct of the device. With 87.9KW gas (300,000BTU / Hr) Burn for 20 minutes.
The eligibility criteria for the flame can not be extended to 5 feet away from the front of the flame. The maximum density of the optical density is 0.5 and the average density is 0.15. This CMP cable is usually installed in air ducts or air handling equipment used in the air reflow system, approved by Canada and the United States. ULA10 compliant FEP / PLENUM materials, flame retardant properties than in line with IEC60332-1 and IEC60332-3 standards of low smoke halogen-free materials, good flame retardant properties, burning smoke low concentration.

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